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Jenna Jacob

The Cowboy's Baby Bargain - Prequel

The Cowboy's Baby Bargain - Prequel

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Duke, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Beau

Word Count: 16K

Page Count: 60

Tropes: Age-Gap, Angsty, Bad Boy/Good Girl, Best Friends, Bribery, Comedy, Cowboy, Emotional, Erotic, Forbidden, Grumpy/Sunshine, Meet Cute, Protector, Rancher, Small Town. 

A race to the altar and fatherhood…for five million dollars? 

As his wife lay on her deathbed, Duke Carson vowed to see her final wish come true—a grandchild to continue the family legacy. Two years later, he’s done waiting on his four sons—Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Beau—to fulfill that promise. Now he’s getting creative… The boss, the player, the best friend, and the bad boy don’t stand a chance.


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