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Jenna Jacob

Bad Boys of Rock ebook Box Set

Bad Boys of Rock ebook Box Set

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 This Complete Series eBook Box Set contains over 386,000 words of rocking hot love. Includes: Rock Me, Rock Me Longer, Rock Me Harder, Rock Me Slower, Rock Me Faster, and Rock Me Deeper.

Burke, Sophia, Darren, Tori, Ozzy, Mia, Ross, Harmon, Syd, and Caris

Word Count: 386K

Tropes: Rock Star, Bad Boy/Good Girl, Forbidden, Second Chance, Billionaire, BDSM, Kink Club, Virgin, Age-Gap, Tragic Past, Forced Proximity, Erotic, Secrets and Lies, Alpha Male, Suspense, Manwhore, Comedy, One-Night Stand, Enemies to Lovers, Grumpy/Sunshine, Fake Relationship, One-Night Stand, Sworn Off Relationship, Danger, Suspense, Tragic Past, Possessive, Protector, Steamy.    

ROCK ME - Meet bad boys: Burke: the playboy. Darren: the brooder, Ozzy: the loner, Ross: the beast, and Syd: the joker as they hit the road to perform for millions of adoring fans.

             There’s just one problem…their lives are about to be turned upside down.

ROCK ME LONGER – Lead singer Burke Jennings has everything he wants, except interim road manager, Sophia Jackson.

            There’s just one problem…she’s engaged.

ROCK ME HARDER – Guitarist Darren Ash is haunted by a one-night stand that changed his life.

             There’s just one problem…he doesn’t know her name.

ROCK ME SLOWER – Keyboard player, Ozzy Paige walked away from the love of his life, Mia Harris, for trying to use him as a springboard to launch her career.

            There’s just one problem…she’s now their new opening act.

ROCK ME FASTER – Drummer Ross Walker never wanted Harmony Sharp posing as his girlfriend to improve his surly image.

            There’s just one problem…he’s falling hard for her.

ROCK ME DEEPER – Bassist Syd Wilson never dreamed he’d find Caris Burton—the girl who melted his delinquent heart sixteen years ago—then he did.

            There’s just one problem…she hates his guts.

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