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Jenna Jacob

Bad Boys of Rock Bundle

Bad Boys of Rock Bundle

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This complete six-book, series bundle containing over 386,000 words of screamin’-hot, rockin’ love comes with a backstage pass of soul-scorching ecstasy. 

Burke, Sophia, Darren, Tori, Ozzy, Mia, Ross, Harmony, Syd, and Caris

Word Count: 389K

Tropes: BDSM, Kink Club, Ménage, MFM, Erotic, Alpha Male, Age-Gap, Forced Proximity, Interracial, Forbidden, M/M, LGBTQ, Tragic Past, Abduction, Danger, Suspense, Secrets and Lies, Tearjerker, Possessive, Protector, Quick Read, Billionaire, Meet Cute, Daddy Dom, Boss/Employee, Fish Out of Water, Friends to Lovers, Moral Dilemma, Love Triangle, Secret Identity, Dom/sub, steamy.

Rock Me: Meet bad boys: Burke: the playboy. Darren: the brooder, Ozzy: the loner, Ross: the beast, and Syd: the joker as they hit the road to perform for millions of adoring fans.

     There’s just one problem…their lives are about to be turned upside down.

 Rock Me Longer: Lead singer Burke Jennings has everything he wants, except interim road manager, Sophia Jackson.

     There’s just one problem…she’s engaged.

Rock Me Harder: Guitarist Darren Ash is haunted by a one-night stand that changed his life.

     There’s just one problem…he doesn’t know her name.

Rock Me Slower: Keyboard player, Ozzy Paige walked away from the love of his life, Mia Harris, for trying to use him as a springboard to launch her career.

     There’s just one problem…she’s now their new opening act.

 Rock Me Faster: Drummer Ross Walker never wanted Harmony Sharp posing as his girlfriend to improve his surly image.

     There’s just one problem…he’s falling hard for her.

Rock Me Deeper: Bassist Syd Wilson never dreamed he’d find Caris Burton—the girl who melted his delinquent heart sixteen years ago—then he did.

     There’s just one problem…she hates his guts.

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