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Jenna Jacob

Ménage a Pleasure eBook Box Set

Ménage a Pleasure eBook Box Set

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A blistering ebook box set contains over 280,000 words of “Why Choose” seduction, passion, and romance. Includes: Consume Me, Ignite Me, and Tame Me.

Dylan, Nick, Savannah, Ian, James, Liz, Lawson, Parker, and Sasha

Word Count: 285K

Page Count:

Tropes: Ménage, MFM, BDSM, Love Triangle, Kink Club, Age-Gap, Dom/sub, Alpha Male, Erotic, Forced Proximity, Alpha Males, Opposites Attract, Fish Out of Water, Meet Cute, Interracial, Forbidden, Moral Dilemma, Abduction, Danger, Suspense, Possessive, Protector, Millionaire, Steamy.

Consume Me:  Two hot, commanding hunters make all my dirty dreams come true.

Ignite Me: He singed me with his kiss…while his boss fanned the flames with his touch.

Tame Me: - They were meant to be a sinful escape…but captured my heart.



What if your wildest dreams came true?

I’m Savannah Carson—sane, sensible archeological activist. I never envisioned starting my much-needed vacation by plowing into wayward wildlife and totaling my SUV. I also never imagined being rescued by two gorgeous, commanding knights in a shiny pickup. As an unexpected blizzard roars to life, the pair sweep me to safety and save me from certain hypothermia.

But my attraction to them both is far more dangerous.

They’re Nick Masters and Dylan Thomas—hot, hunky hunters. At the mercy of the two intriguing strangers, their tender concern quickly converges into raw, demanding passion. Trapped in isolation for seven glorious days, they wreck me even as they capture my heart. But all too soon, the snow stops and the reality that the world will never accept our complicated love triangle intrudes. So I flee, resuming my lackluster existence while savoring the magical memories we shared.

But Nick and Dylan have other plans. They track me down with an ultimatum: take the safe path and walk away, or embrace their unconventional love and allow them to…Consume Me.



He singed me with his kiss…while his boss fanned the flames with his touch.

I’m ER nurse Liz Johansson. When a hate-crime victim becomes my patient, I meet his concerned friends, sinfully hot James Bartlett and his equally gorgeous boss Ian Stone. Both men loom so tall, dark, and lethal, they pique my forbidden fantasies. I couldn’t decide if I was more attracted to one or the other—not that it mattered. They’d never notice me. 

But they did. 

Even more shocking, they told me I didn’t have to choose. Was I the kind of woman to take two lovers at once? I’d never thought so. 

Until they proved I could. 

As desire soars and ecstasy beckons, I must find a way to cast my inhibitions and shame aside and surrender while these masterful men …Ignite Me.



They were meant to be a temporary escape…but captured my heart.

As owner of a thriving skincare company, I, Sasha Evans, discover an unconventional way to relieve my stress. But finding a man masterful enough to supply the spine-bending agony I crave proves challenging. When Parker Canepresents me with a contract promising to fulfill my dark desires, I’m ready to sign, despite his strict rules.

But before I can commit, Lawson Pratt—the tall, rugged, and unbearably handsome marketing genius I hired to rebrand my line—strolls through the door. Defying Cane’s demands, I fall into bed with Lawson. When secrets unravel, I soon find myself sandwiched between both gorgeous, commanding men.

They drown me in mindless ecstasy—until a menacing madman from the past tries to steal my bliss and my life. Will Cane and Law save me before they can fully…Tame Me? 

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