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Jenna Jacob

Cowboys of Haven Bundle

Cowboys of Haven Bundle

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Saddle Up with this six-book complete series bundle containing over 300,000 words of smokin’ hot cowboys guaranteed to ignite more than your spurs.

Colton, Jade, Sawyer, Brea, Nate, Gina, Noble, and Ivy.

Word Count: 319K

Tropes: Cowboy, Small Town, Erotic, Second Chance, Friends to Lovers, Age-Gap, Comedy, Alpha Male, Suspense, Possessive, Protector, Tragic Past, Secrets and Lies, Forbidden, Opposites Attract, Manwhore, Secret Baby, Steamy

The Cowboy’s Second Chance at Love: She finds her high-school flame to scratch an itch…and loses her heart.

The Cowboy’s Thirty-Day Fling: She swears off men…only to be tempted into forever.

The Cowboy’s Cougar: They say age is just a number…but is that true with love? 

The Cowboy’s Surprise Vegas Baby: What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there…

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