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Jenna Jacob

The Cowboy’s Million Dollar Baby Bride – Brides of Haven, Book 2

The Cowboy’s Million Dollar Baby Bride – Brides of Haven, Book 2

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Houston and Allison “Al”

Word Count: 86K

Page Count: 312

Tropes: Virgin, One-Night Stand, Friends to Lovers, Erotic, Secrets and Lies, Small Town, Comedy, Alpha Male, Surprise Baby, Possessive, Steamy.

She’s been his best friend for years …but she’s keeping secrets that will change everything between them forever. 

Once bitten, twice shy, Houston Carson has no interest in marriage and children. After losing his mom, he understands his dad’s desperation for grandkids, but he won’t bend to the man’s emotional manipulation—or the hefty bribe. He’ll leave tying the knot and carrying on the family legacy to his brothers, thank you very much.

Houston’s best friend and local librarian, Allison “Al” O’Connor, has had a secret crush on him since the second grade. But he’s always seen her strictly as a pal, never an alluring, sensual woman, dying to be his in every way. When she schemes to show him what he’s missing out on, the innocent virgin falls even more in love.

But after a passionate night together, will Houston still want Al after she tells him she has a nine-month surprise for him?

Reader Reviews: 

~ OMG! I absolutely loved it! This book was so freaking awesome. Be prepared to cry a bucket of tears, but this story is amazing! 

~ All the emotions in this story are powerful and moving. A very touching and impassioned journey that I was lucky enough to experience. 

~ This book blew me away, I love Houston and Allison’s bond.

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