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Jenna Jacob

The Cowboy’s Cougar, Cowboys of Haven, Book 3

The Cowboy’s Cougar, Cowboys of Haven, Book 3

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Nate and Gina

Word Count: 77K

Page Count: 253

Tropes: Age-Gap, Small Town, Tragic Past, Alpha Male, Secrets and Lies, Abduction, Danger, Suspense, Cowboy, Erotic, Forbidden, Off Limits, Opposites Attract, Possessive, Protector, Steamy.

They say age is just a number…but is that true with love?

Gina Scott dishes out drinks, crude one-liners, and advice to the rowdy regulars at her bar in small-town Haven, Texas. After escaping a brutal past, she vows to never risk her heart again. But a long, lonely decade later, she’s tempted by a sexy cowboy a dozen years younger who makes her ache for things she can’t have, especially love. No matter how she tries to resist, the tenacious stud keeps wearing her down.

But what does a hot virgin want with a cougar like her?

Nate Grayson has spent four years fantasizing about Gina Scott. When he discovers their connection isn’t one-sided, he’s ready to prove she’s not too old for him and capable of giving her all the pleasure she craves. After learning there’s more to Gina’s reluctance than age, he’s hell-bent on tearing down her protective walls so he can spend forever with her. But he’s keeping secrets of his own…

When danger finds Gina, determined to destroy their future, Nate stops at nothing to save her life, and persuade her to say, “I do.”

Reader Reviews: 

~ Yee-Haw!! I am in cowboy heaven. Nate is so hot and sexy and knows how to make a woman feel special. It was refreshing to read an age gap romance with the woman being the older one in the relationship. Their story is emotional, sizzling hot and suspenseful. 

~ This story is simply one of the best I have read. The storyline was so good and complex, and took you around and around until the finale. And the characters - oh my! Just WOW. Fabulous five stars!

~ Gina and Nate are sweet and steamy. This story has drama, trust issues, suspense, action, laughs, and plenty of heat.

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