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Jenna Jacob

Tame Me - Club Genesis: Chicago, Book 8

Tame Me - Club Genesis: Chicago, Book 8

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Lawson, Parker, and Sasha

Word Count: 85K

Page Count: 277

Tropes: Ménage, MFM, BDSM, Kink Club, Alpha Males, Erotic, Love Triangle, Meet Cute, Millionaire, Dom/sub, Opposites Attract, Workplace, Danger, Suspense, Steamy.

They were meant to be a temporary escape…but captured my heart. 

As owner of a thriving skincare company, I, Sasha Evans, discover an unconventional way to relieve my stress. But finding a man masterful enough to supply the spine-bending agony I crave proves challenging. When Parker Cane presents me with a contract promising to fulfill my dark desires, I’m ready to sign, despite his strict rules.

But before I can commit, Lawson Pratt—the tall, rugged, and unbearably handsome marketing genius I hired to rebrand my line—strolls through the door. Defying Cane’s demands, I fall into bed with Lawson. When secrets unravel, I soon find myself sandwiched between both gorgeous, commanding men. 

They drown me in mindless ecstasy—until a menacing madman from the past tries to steal my bliss and my life. Will Cane and Law save me before they can fully…Tame Me?

*Previously published as Seeking My Destiny – The Doms of Genesis.*

Reader Reviews: 

~ I LOVED THIS BOOK! I loved these characters! I loved this storyline! I loved how easy it flowed! I loved how SEXY it was! It’s hard to redeem a so called past ‘villain’ of the series but Jenna Jacob did it PERFECTLY and in such a GREAT WAY! Ugh! I can’t get enough!

~ Destiny started out as caterpillar, but ended up a butterfly. Gah! I love this series so much!

~ This is a great story about self-discovery, love and learning to trust yourself. Finding out who Sasha is and why she is the way she is, along with Law and Cane - kept me on the edge of my seat. This story is unbelievable steamy/HOT/scorching!

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