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Jenna Jacob

Seize Me - Club Genesis: Chicago, Book 3

Seize Me - Club Genesis: Chicago, Book 3

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Tony and Leagh

Word Count: 99K

Page Count: 297

Tropes: BDSM, Kink Club, Emotional, Danger, Suspense, Alpha Male, Angsty, Dom/sub, Erotic, Forbidden,  Opposites Attract, Possessive, Protector, Secret Identity, Steamy.

He climbed inside my mind and controlled my every craving.

I’m Leagh Bennett—kept woman. The unexpected death of my lover shatters me, but when his family discovers our relationship, their cruel vengeance nearly destroys me. Homeless, penniless, and grieving, I seek refuge at Club Genesis to mourn and face an unknown future alone.

When Tony Delvaggio, panty-melting psychologist and the club’s savage hotshot, forces me to confront my anguish, I tell myself his probing questions are purely professional. But his whiskey-smooth suggestions break through my defenses and ignite desires I never knew existed. Frightened, I push Tony away. But he’s relentless, delving into my psyche until I’m letting him even deeper into my body and my heart—where I’ve let no man before. His raw passion shocks and devastates me. And soon, I’m falling too hard to resist…

But when my past returns and danger threatens, I’m forced to choose between running again or surrendering my all and letting Tony… Seize Me.

 *Previously published as Master of My Mind – The Doms of Genesis.*

Reader Reviews:

~ If you are looking for an emotionally draining, tear-jerking, BDSM romance, look no further! 

~ Omg Jenna Jacob is a magical storyteller! 

~ This is one of those BDSM Erotic Romances that will strip you bare and make you BEG for more.

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