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Jenna Jacob

Rock Me Faster – Bad Boys of Rock, Book 4

Rock Me Faster – Bad Boys of Rock, Book 4

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Ross and Harmony

Word Count: 83K

Page Count: 285

Tropes: Rock Star, Age-Gap, Virgin, Grumpy/Sunshine, Erotic, Bad Boy/Good Girl, Alpha Male, Opposites Attract, Secrets and Lies, Tragic Past, Sworn Off Relationships, Steamy.

I didn’t want a fake girlfriend—but now I’m feeling something real. 

I’m Ross Walker, drummer for the iconic rock band Licks of Leather. On stage, I light up like a live wire. But when the spotlights fade, I’m a loner. My agent insists that’s bad for my image, so he hired me a fake girlfriend. I’m annoyed AF. She’s quirky—and way too innocent—but she’s also gorgeous…and not like any woman I’ve met. The longer we’re together, the less I can fight my attraction. And the more I’m falling….

There’s just one problem. I swore off relationships forever.

I’m Harmony Sharp, a self-help internet vlogger. To save my idyllic Kentucky home, I accepted an offer to guide Ross to spiritual enlightenment. But there’s a catch: I can’t tell him we’re not merely faking love to rehab his image while on tour. The surly beast resists my help, but despite his growls, he slowly opens up. Passion follows as the line between fantasy and reality fade. Then tragedy strikes. When my deception is revealed, I’ll have to convince him my love is real…or leave with a shattered heart.

Reader Reviews: 

~ Ross and Harmony's story caught me completely off guard. All the unexpected feels of this couple's journey captured my heart strings and held on tight. Watching how they each struggled with the love they both had for each other was inspiring. Their story had me in tears. 

~ This is a deeply emotional and extraordinary love story that hits all the right notes.

~ This story just slams you with all the feels!!! Ross is such a tortured soul, not living, just existing. Harmony is a peaceful soul, filled with beauty and a sense of serenity that helps to get around Ross’ walls. It’s not easy, it’s gut wrenching (ya might want a box of tissues, or a glass of wine...better yet both!)

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