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Jenna Jacob

Rock Me – Bad Boys of Rock, Prequel

Rock Me – Bad Boys of Rock, Prequel

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Burk, Darren, Ozzy, Ross, Syd, Quinn, Ava, and Sophia

Word Count: 66K

Page Count: 64

Tropes: Angsty, Bad Boys/Good Girl, Billionaire, Comedy, Fish Out Of Water,  Forced Proximity, Grumpy/Sunshine, Manwhore, Off Limits, Rockstars, Workplace, Steamy.


The rock gods from Licks of Leather wow the world with their raw lyrics and electrifying tunes. But nothing about the rock-star life—especially whirlwind tours, banging parties, and eager groupies—can mute the demons that put each on their personal highway to hell.

Lead singer Burk Jennings is blessed with a voice that’s netted him millions of dollars. But cash, adoring women, and mansions on each coast can’t grant his restless soul peace—until her.

Guitarist Darren Ash lives to strum under the spotlights. But when he hooks up with a gorgeous redhead, she rocks his world, steals his heart…and disappears. He finds her—along with something life-altering.

Keyboardist Ozzy Page caresses the ivories, haunted by the woman who once slipped through his fingers. She’s since risen from the ashes to the top of the charts. When fate thrusts her back into his life, he’ll have to conquer his hunger…or lose his heart.

Drummer Ross Walker bangs the drums like a boss…but his existence is empty. After nearly losing it all, he got clean and sober. Now he ruthlessly maintains control. But when an innocent beauty crashes into his disciplined life, Ross must hold even tighter—or come undone completely.

Bassist Syd Wilson plucks each note with gusto, so he isn’t swallowed up by his horrific past. But when tragedy strikes again, his only salvation might be a compassionate beauty—if she has the strength to help him and he has to courage to change forever.

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