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Jenna Jacob

Innocence Uncaged – Novella

Innocence Uncaged – Novella

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Ryder and Katiana

Word Count: 25K

Page Count: 82

Tropes: Virgin, Secret Identity, Age-Gap, Erotic, Alpha Male, Reunion, Forbidden, Forced Proximity, Tragic Past, Quick Read, Possessive, Secrets and Lies, Steamy.

The connection we share has always been bigger than both of us.


As a girl, I craved Ryder Evans. My every desire was about him. My every fantasy revolved around him. In his eyes, I was a teenager, a daddy’s girl. Way too young. I vowed that when I grew up, I’d make Ryder see me as a woman. But fate cruelly took him from me. Now I’ve lost my father, too. While performing my final solemn duty to him, I crashed during a blinding blizzard. I expected to join Daddy in the afterlife. Instead, I woke to find my rescuer—a burly, bearded mountain man who ignites me as only Ryder ever did.


Four years ago, I left cage fighting and civilization because I had too much blood on my hands and too much darkness in my soul to risk destroying the only female I ever loved. If I hadn’t, Katiana would have guessed how badly I ached to steal her innocence and make her mine, though it was forbidden. Now that’s she’s crashed into my life again—and all grown up—can I convince her heart to take one last chance on me?

Reader Reviews: 

~ This is a sizzling age-gap with a back from a dead twist. The steam that comes off the pages is hot enough to melt snow. 

~ Ryder and Katiana’s story is quite an emotional, and hot, short story about unrequited love. Secrets will be revealed, feelings will be expressed, and lives will be changed. And you’ll love it!! 

~ The man she'd mourned for the past three years is back from the dead and just saved her from dying in a blizzard. A terrific story with heartfelt emotions and sizzling sensuality.

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